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The depot is open on Sunday's from 1-3PM.

Tours can be arranged by appointment by calling


Designed and some photos
 by Melanie




Moving of the Dunite cabin.

Left photo- Mark Weedon prepares site for cabin on depot grounds.
Center- cabin being prepared to move from site in town.
Right photo- cabin goes up highway on way to depot

Cabin placed at depot

Center- view of the cabin from Gerber Park

Installing rails: Photos

In early 1998 Southern Pacific donated 200 feet of scrap rail and it was decided to put a set of rails behind the depot. The 100 year old rails came from an old spur that ran to the beach via Beach Street. Harold removed all the rail, and reinstalled it at the depot using many of the old track maintenance tools that are on display in the Depot. Harold referred to the siding he had built as his very own railroad and called it the "Oceano and Northern Railroad".

  Boxcar conversion/installing rails:

 In December 1998, The Depot Association purchased a vintage 1940's Southern Pacific boxcar in Sacramento. In 2001 work began on the conversion of the boxcar to restroom/kitchen facilities. The following people and businesses contributed-
Linda (Guiton) Austin, Chuck and Colleen Bachman, Clay Bachman, Ray De LA Garza, Gearhart Insulation, Glenda Guiton, Walter Holly, Kenny Ratcliff, Carlos Rodriquez, David Rodriquez, Rolando Rodriquez, Scott Soderquist, George Rapp Electric, Shepard Plumbing, The Metal Shop, Inc. Kiwanis Club of Oceano.

The local chapter of the Kiwanis Club donated time and money to convert the interior for use as a restroom for the depot. Extensive remodeling and carpentry work along with electrical wiring for the boxcar was done with labor volunteered by Chuck Bachman. The wiring for lights and appliances was done by volunteers Chuck Bachman and George Rapp, with George Rapp donating materials. Walt Shepard donated plumbing materials.

The Clam Bell: Photos

The Clam Bell hung above the Lovern's Clammer's headquarters on the beach from 1954 until 1969. The bell was cast in Switzerland over 250 years ago. It is made of cast iron and has a unique "double clapper". It was used to signal emergencies before State Parks and to notify clammers of low tide. In 2002 the bell was donated to the Oceano Depot by Rubye Lovern.

  100th Anniversary celebration 



  Moving authentic Dunite Cabin to Depot grounds  

Relocation of Oceano's WW11 memorial :

September 11, 1949 Dedication of the Memorial for the eight men from Oceano who gave their lives in World War II

In 1949 the Oceano Women's Club built a new brick clubhouse on the corner of Ocean and 19th St along with a brick memorial to honor the 8 men from Oceano that lost their lives in WW11.

August 16, 2001- the Memorial was moved from the Former Women's Club (now the Boys and Girls Club) to the Depot and a rededication ceremony was held September 15, 2001.


Oct 22, 2004
Dr. Rudolf W. Gerber Memorial Park


Oct  2004
Norm Hammond's book
"Oceano, Atlantic City of the West"

Press Articles

Jul 15, 2006

Oceano School Alumni Reunion 


The Three Palm Trees

Harold wanted palm trees to match the ones seen here in this 1923 photo of the depot grounds taken by Virgil Hodges. Harold had done a study of the varieties of palm trees that grow in California, and was resolved to use the exact same species that had been planted around the depot in the past. Harold took this old photo around to nurseries to see exactly what species they were. The palm trees were identified as California Fan Palm Trees.

In January 2001, John Aiken of Grover Beach donated three trees to the depot. Larry Ramey removed the trees with a backhoe, loaded them on a truck, and delivered them to the depot where they were planted. (One of the trees has since died and the replacement may not be the same variety). 


The Depot Ongoing Restoration


Oceano Train Depot, Oceano California

ŠOceano Depot, 2007